In this special 30th webisode of Chris Dyer’s travel video series, he visits the mystical and fun kingdom of Thailand! He stars the journey in Bangkok, hanging with his old Norwegian friend Even, checking out temples and food markets. He then goes to the island of Koh Phangan to teach an art workshops and do shamanic healing ceremonies of ayahuasca and Kambo. Good nature explorations and murals done too! To finish the journey, he goes to the ancient city of Ayutthaya to explore temples and ruins. He also managed to find a “Sank Yat” tattoo monk to give him a “magic” tattoo, which was a very interesting process! Hope you will enjoy this one!!


1. Inspired Flight – It’s the Chemicals (Featuring Scarub)

2. r12beats – Miu Wa

3. Calyps – The Girl from Sukhumvit

4. Power to the People – The Sticky Rice Thai Reggae Version

5. Timewarp Inc. – Yuil Disco Breaks (Soundsystem Version)

6. Liquid Bloom – Ecstatic Grounding

7. MC Yogi featuring East Forest – Breathe Deep

8. Boozoo Bajou – Divers

9. MC Yogi – I am That

10. นำลาย – Silly Fools

11. MC Yogi – Temple Light

12. Degiheugi – Psychoanalisis

13. Gamm1 – Jomblo Happy

14. Circumn – Blossomn

15. Petr Novak – Knihovna