In this magical episode of Chris Dyer’s travel series, we follow him into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle! There he leads his art retreat along his shaman who guides the sacred medicine ceremonies. Lots of art and growth coming together for everybody there. After that Chris takes his family to Cusco for a little Christmas vacation. Enjoy!!

Music Credits:

Herbert Quinteros – Lupushimita

Nicola Cruz – Puente Roto

Herbert Quinteros – Marakuna

Herbert Quinteros – Flores de Colores

Herbert Quinteros and Tom Baxter – Golden

Herbert Quinteros – Tribus

Herbert Quinteros – Danza del Jaguar

Los Incas – Recuerdos de Calahuayo

Los Mirlos – The Roots of Chica

Palomino – Zamacueca