In this special webisode of the Artventures Chris takes a break from his art workaholic life to explore the culturally rich country of Nepal. Starting in the crazy city of Kathmandu, then some more nature vibes in Pokara, followed by a soulful walk through the Himalayas. Though there was no art job to do there, he still managed to score some good spray cans and leave some murals behind for that community. Enjoy! Musical Credits: Blue Scholars – Saguba DJ Drez – Water Mop Mop – Kamakamba Onra – Ms Ho Resham Firiri Ramiro Musotto – Gwyra Mi St Germain – Forget Me Not Botany – Quatic Primus – Over the Electric Grapevine Saib – Shanghai Nights Tanka Sherchan – Ue O Muite Naya Nepal – The Shadows Nepal The Kinks – Supersonic Rocket Ship Watermarke Sicak Ber Sevda – Karem Guney