Acrylic and spray paint on canvas.
35″ x 48″

I painted this handsome archetype at several festivals and events all over the States and later finished it in Europe. He took around 4 months to be completed but Im really stoked how he came out!

He represents the peaceful warrior in me and my tribe who work to make this world a lighter place, equipped with the psychedelic weapons of Love and mindfulness. It’s not a self-portrait though.

Culturally I’d say he leans closer to an Inca, but as per usual he is an amalgamation of several different cultures, creating oneness. He is a wise healer, an angel, a shaman, a courageous leader, a teacher, a creator, all the good in me, and what I want to grow stronger into, so I can serve better. May he guide and protect you on your own path too! Share this archetype all you want, to call his energy upon you.