My big solo exhibition has now closed its doors in Wynwood, Miami. It was a real special time with so many friends coming by to help me make it a potent offering of my heArt! So this post is one big Thank you to everybody!!

Had a super fun time live painting at the big Art Basel Moksha Art Collective Party held here! Lots of nice people n love tribe community, dancing the night away. This whole exhibition has deff been a solid ripple of good vibes, so I’m nothing but grateful to be of service!

Gratitude to those from the Positive Creations pop-up shop, along with all the volunteers who gave their time n energy to co-create this very special event!! And thanks also to everyone who came to check the art and buy some too! I feel more blessed than I can express!!

Big thanks to Jonathan Garza of Austin and Denver Real Estate Photography as well as for this 3D gallery!

Link to art gallery.