This is the second travel video following Chris Dyer’s activities during Miami Art Basel, but this is a totally different ball game than his mission back in 2014!

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it take to throw a big independent and quality solo exhibition, during the Miami Art Basel madness, this is your guide to scare you away from that, haha!

Anyways, please join Chris and all the awesome friends he gathered to deliver a big heArt offering for the people! See how many awesome artists you can spot in this video!

Musical Credits:

1. Nomade Orquestra – Sonhos De Toquio

2. Manu Chao – Me Llaman Calle

3. Reggae Brothers – Got a Letter from Miami

4. Buena Vista Social Club – El Cuarto de Tule

5. Dynamic syncopation ft. yeshua – The Essence

6. Alterego – Bounce (instrumental)

7. Abloom – This Feeling (instrumental)

8. Isaac Joel – Tibetanus (instrumental)

9. Diego Ariel Miranda – Bob Marley – Could you be loved Cover acústico