This is the grand Season Finale of this Travel Video Series! In it, Chris and Arianne continue travelling through the Middle East, and explore the beautiful country of Jordan! Lots of ancient ruin explorations including the glorious Petra and Jarash. Also the very epic desert landscapes of Wadi Rum along other beautiful natural locatons. And to top it off, Chris proposes matrimony to Arianne! Hope you will enjoy it!


1. Emancipator featuring Molly Parti – Land and Sea

2. Yahoos – Mabala

3. Darbuka Drums – Belly Dancing Music

4. Kaminanda – Phorest Landing

5. Kaya Project – Desert Phase

6. Dirty Heads – Vacation

7. Chris Joss – Little Nature

8. Sugar Minott- Good Thing Going

9. Visioneer’s – Ike’s Mood