In this very interesting webisode of Chris Dyer’s Travel Series, “The Artvetures”, he and his girlfriend Arianne explore the beautiful ancient lands of Israel and Palestine. Because of the complicated situation between these 2 countries, we decided to unite both journeys into one video, in hopes to have viewers see what is happening on the other side of the wall and help in any way to find a peaceful conversation about ending the suffering…

Chris and Arianne start their journey in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he explores the local sights and drop a fishbomb. Then they go and see all of the amazing religious landmarks in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea desert. After that they cross over to the West Bank, Palestine, to paint some murals for charity at their biggest refugee camp, Balata. They also did some explorations in the village of Sebastia and Bethlehem, which includes a stop at Banksy’s “Walled Off Hotel”. I know it’s a long mini documentary, but hope you will sit through it all to see what we learnt from such a potent experience!!


1. “Iron Lion Zion” by Bob Marley, cover by One Drop Mafia

2. “Debka Rafiach” by Magi Hikri featuring Lea Avraham

3. “Vihoo Vihoo” by David Gould

4. “A Slice of Mount Zion” by Culture

5. “Jerusalema” by Master KG featuring Nocembo

6. “Venus” by Nomade Orquestra

7. שלישיית מה קשור: צלצולי פעמונים

8. “Music is the Most High” by Groundation

9. “Long Live Palestine” by Lowkey featuring Frankie Boyle and Maverick Sabre

10. تامر نفار – راجع عالبيت

11. “Ya Habibi” by Khaled Siddiq featuring Baraka Boys

12. “Onadekom” by Hawa Dafi

13. “Life is a Journey” by Clinton Fearon

14. “Mama Palestine” by Al-Joumeyli

15. “Bandora Blues” by Apo & the Apostles

16. “Be Love” by Satsang featuring Tubby Love

17. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, cello cover by Sheku Kanneh-Mason