In this new webisode of Chris Dyer’s travel video series, he visits the very interesting country of Hungary! He starts the journey in the awesome city of Budapest, which has a lot of ancient culture and art to explore. But then he goes to do his art mission at Ozora Festival, live painting a canvas ad doing a mural for all the trippy kids there, along his art family. Nature time in the countryside follows that, along a chill boat trip and more arting. And in the end he returns to Budapest to spray paint a fishbomb, which he didn’t know was illegal, yet it was allowed.


-Skorpio – Így szólt hozzám a dédapám

-Ladánybene 27 – Fürdik a lelkem

-Santana – Evil Ways

-Tribal Seeds – In Your Eyes

-Genesia – Felina

-Willie Lindo – Midnight

-Quantic – Atlantic Oscillations

-Chill Bump – Modern Man Intermission

-Copy Con – Tordas

-Manu Chao – Me Llaman Calle