The Galaktic Gang is a PFP Series of NFTs that where hand drawn by me and then created by a Randomized generator Code! We offered 5555 of these trippy interdimensional entities to be
minted and we where so Grateful it sold out!!

Since its inception of these 5th Dimension Guides, a great Psychedelic community has been formed online (Discord, Twitter, Insta, etc) to resonate with each other!

The project is something we will work to build over many years. We plan to offer amazing events and parties for our NFT holders, along with VR experiences and Psychedelic conferences. We plan to create a number of Augmented Reality assets for people to enjoy in the Metaverses, including our different lands that we have already started to construct! We will offer Positive Creations product discounts to Gangsters, along with offering unique products for the crew! We have been doing many contests with fun Giveaways too! And we plan to give tens of thousands towards different Tree Planting Charities, as well as Psychedelic Research organizations!

This is one of my biggest and most ambitious projects yet which consolidates many different aspects of my art and community efforts. So try to join us if you’re feeling the vibes!!