In this new episode of Chris Dyer’s travel series where he visits Cuba (and smuggles spray cans) -for the first time, he has an official camera man! Follow along as Chris visits historic Havana. Be inspired by the skateboarding community in Cuba at a local DIY skate park made possible by the Humanity Stoked project, where Chris leaves behind a super meaningful mural. A touching reminder of the healing powers that art can transmit. Then a skating, painting and music jam session will make you feel like you’re along for the fun too. But it’s not over – stick around for some classic cars, classical architecture, classic Cuban culture and – classic Chris Dyer!

Music Credits:

Buena Vista Social Club – Amor de Loca Juventud

Abrete – Corazon

InCUBAtion – Cuba Es

Cubano King – Reggae

InCUBAtion – InCUBAtion

Tango Bango

RJD2 – Ghostwriter

Wassabi Collective – Flowers

Grupo Bahia – Bambuco Viejo

Hasta – Siempre

Takuya Kuroda – Rising Son

Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning (acoustic)