In this 8th Episode of Chris Dyer’s new Podcast show, he interviews “En Masse” founder Jason Botkin! Jason is a muralist and studio painter based in Montréal.


They talk about his studio in Hochelaga, his journey from the USA to the Alberta College of Art and Design, his dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder, divorce and a new commitment to art, Montréal, living in Japan and studying ceramics, gallery art, the En Masse project Jason founded, their show at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, the difficulty of enacting cultural activities during Covid, creating a new art marketplace, the role of galleries nowadays, finding ways to share wealth and resources in the community, street art and intramuralism, using paintbrushes for murals, the difficulty of finding masks for art creation, how to deal with less or no social media, the revival of street art and using it as a tool of emancipation, dealing with depression and an autoimmune disorder, psychedelics and other plant medicine, DMT visions, meditation, Jason’s religious path from Christianity to Buddhism, Yogic studies, Scientology and beyond, and their personal perspectives on 2020.