In this 4th Episode of Chris Dyer’s new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Adida Fallen Angel! Adi is a skateboarding visual artist and multimedia creator who has travelled the whole world from his original home in Israel and is now starting a family in Montréal.


In this wide-ranging conversation they talk about his identiy, spiritual living and angels, music, travelling in Europe, Israel, California, New York, the Laurentian mountains and Montreal, working as a VJ, singing in the band SpoonLicker, getting off drugs, winter in Canada, living as an Israeli, being evalutated by the Israeli Army, comparing insanity and disability, computer skills, Tel Aviv life, the Israeli situation, wwning a skate shop in Israel, living in San Diego, California, living in Paris without knowing French, living in Berlin, Love Parade and street art, studying art in Rotterdam, Flash website design, Street Art in galleries, living in NYC, Montreal, Struggling as an illegal artist, the music industry in Quebec, Adida’s Wheat Paste project, The Fresh Paint Gallery, the Under Pressure and Mural Festivals, the theme of Love, spray paint and mural art, Winter and other impediments (COVID), adaptation and evolution, the drive to create, letting go and the impermanence of street art and impending fatherhood.