In this 40th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Northern California to interview his friend Mark Henson. Mark is a legendary visionary art painter.


They talk about Northern California, Clear Lake, volcanoes, living in Santa Cruz, his house in Costa Rica, wildfires, firefighting techniques, how they met at Harmony Festival in 2006, going to Miami Art Basel together in 2011, Chris’ Ukiah Gallery solo show, their travels together to Brazil, Mark’s origins in Sacramento, California, learning to make art, going to art school, recovering original artworks, moving to Isla Vista, California, hippie life, living in Indonesia and hiring local artists, visiting East Timor, making woodcuts and bronze art pieces, staging One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and doing LSD with Ken Kesey, the psychedelic scene, the end of festivals, early web pages, the San Francisco Visionary Arts Club, getting help from his wife, evolving business and creating consciousness.



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