In this 39th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Eugene, Oregon to visit his friend Banjo. Banjo is a legendary glass blowing artist.


They talk about his house outside Eugene, Oregon, how they met online arranging art for a show at the Escalante Gallery in Los Angeles with Alex and Allyson Grey and Amanda Sage, Greg Escalante, skateboarding and glass art cultures, bluegrass music, David Grisman, building and playing banjos, studying sculpting, leaving college, Rainbow Gatherings, festival culture, Gatherings vs festivals, discovering glass art, dab rigs, Marcel Braun, the business of making pipes, developing the high-end glass pipe industry, vanity and status-symbols, the Bahai religion, dealing with fame and challenges, spiritual injections via glass smoking, Banjo’s philanthropic projects, helping the world with love, facing trauma, social divisions, v questions, waiting for aliens or being aliens, Order 66, left vs right and accepting everyone.

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