In this 38th episode of the Podcast Chris travels to Eugene, Oregon to visit his friend Marcel Braun. Braun is a glass artist and leader of the Starship Collective.


They talk about Chris’ mural for the Starship Collective, Oregon, cannabis legalisation, puffin’, the Merry Pranksters farm, how they met via Oak Locoboro and Jon Ohia, Project 33, the Glass Coin Project, supporting the community and discovering new processes, how Marcel moved to Oregon and became interested in counter-cultures, learning by remaking classics, using Borosilicate for durability, his machines such as his Glory hole and his torch, spreading knowledge with volunteers, Fern Gully’s Hexis, the Eugene, Oregon glass-blowing community, apprentices and interns and serving projects, art as money, glass coins, Charles Eisenstein and Sacred Economics, boats, valuing work properly, the pressures of the current world situation, taking care of your own health vs letting corporations force pharmaceuticals on you, the redistribution of engineering, the contamination of warfare on aerospace, ethics in engineering, core optimism, the scientific method, karma, advice for young glass artists and visionary artists, and Batman & Alfred.



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