On this 37th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Las Vegas, Nevada to receive a tattoo from and interview his friend Joseph Haefs.


They talk about Chris painting a Buddha mural in Joseph’s backyard, Joseph tattooing Chris’ scalp, face tattoos and commitment, growing acceptance of tattoos, Joseph’s tattoo journey, how Joseph discovered Chris’ art, meeting at COSM, different perspectives and effects of cannabis, realities of energy, dealing with emotions as men, Joseph’s journey to Las Vegas and hanging out with gangsta Cholos, watching Pantera on LSD, learning to tattoo on tourists, improving in Chicago, using affirmations to improve, getting an apartment, a car and shop and starting to thrive, how hard it can be for friends to give honest criticism, jealousy and comparisons, discovering Instagram, giving tattoos to beautiful women and becoming the butt man, handling the 80/20 rule, that people want to be sexy, healing with art, not taking things seriously, ugly duckling syndrome, judging people and yourself, sobriety and optimism for humanity.



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