On this 36th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Carlsbard, California to interview his artist friend Mike Maxwell. Maxwell is a painter.


They talk about his new mural at the Nixon HQ in Carlsbad, California, the business of making murals, Denver’s art scene, art as creative problem-solving, similarities between extreme sports and art, San Diego’s benefits and drawbacks, opening up visual perceptions, finding niches that appreciate art, lessons from jiu-jitsu, how they met at En Masse during Miami Art Basel, dealing with egos, trusting the Universe, materials, mixing ink and paint, Montana’s Fluid Acrylic Paint, how Mike learned to make art working for Shepard Fairey, teaching and sharing processes, artistic inspirations and bombing trains, train culture, changing styles and finding new subjects in art, psychedelic influences in art, false confidence under psychedelics, smokin’ weed, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell’s podcast Live Free, his documentary Working Class, talking to artist friends and making podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience, making Joe Rogan’s logo, knowing your own flaws, humility and self-deprecation, celebrtiy effects, and how isolation and quarantine help artistic creation.

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