On this 35th episode of the podcast Chris travels to San Clemente, California to paint a surfboard with legendary surf painter Drew Brophy. and exhibit at his gallery.


They talk about his studio in San Clemente, California, growing up in South Carolina, comparisons between Orange County and Los Angeles, how Chris discovered Drew’s art, how Chris followed Drew’s DVD tutorial on how to paint a surfboard, how Drew started painting, learning lots of different technologies and abilities, paint markers, dealing with galleries and dealing without them, appreciating current success instead of just focusing on the future, touching hearts and making specific, personal art, making a difference, feeling gratitude and appreciation, how he moved out of South Carolina and started painting surfboards professionally, rejecting art school, abandoning dreams of surfing professionally, taking a gamble on a big job in Hawaii, discovering San Clemente, getting in at the beginning of a brand, travelling around the world, artistic inspirations, surfing big waves, being in touch with nature, extra-sensory powers, transmitting that connection into paint, sacred geometry and his new artistic explorations, airdropping ideas into brains, the nature of reality, drawing the mathematics of molecular properties, simulated realities and alternate dimensions, the limits of language, faith in humanity, the effects of media and marketing on people, overcoming fear and resisting manipulation.



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