In this 33rd episode of Chris Dyer’s Podcast he visits his friend Erik De La Cruz, aka Dela, at his home in Boulder, Colorado. Dela is a Visionary Painter


They talk about Boulder and Denver, his time in San Fransisco, the Womb, how the Bay Area changed, discovering the visionary art scene, live painting in Florida, the growth of psychedelic culture in Colorado, growing up in Baja California, Mexico and moving to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, the influences of Puerto Rican nature on his art, latino identity, speaking Spanish, drawing ninja turtles, selling art on the street in Florida and California, drawing pop culture, live painting at Rootwire and other music festivals, studio work and commissions, Tik-Tok failures, developing art skills before selling art, environmental subjects in his art and nude muses, eating healthy living things, using photography to help painting, painting techniques, aliens, psychedelics and visions, losing his fear of death, restoring the planet and spreading environmental awareness in art.



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