Filmed at Alex Grey’s Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) in upstate New York

Chris teaches a four day workshop filmed in Spring 2016 at COSM

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The workshop covers a range of topics

– Skateboard Graphics

Chris will go over the short history of skateboard art and skateboard graphics, shoe the different trends and movements throughout the decades. He will talk about the main artists behind the skateboard movement and His journey in the skateboard industry. He finishes by teaches you how you can make your own skateboard graphics and paintings.

– How To Become A Better Artist

Chris goes over all the things he learnt in his life as an artist. From lifestyle to a equipment to simply being disciplined in your work. He ends the speech with an overview of mediums and technical tips and tricks.

– Business Of Art

Learning how to make money and a business off your souls expression is something that takes decades. Chris will save you the time by giving you as many tips as possible on how to manifest this. There are many ways to make money off your art, but that is an art in itself.

– Street art & Graffiti

Chris has been involved in street art in one way or another since the mid 90’s. In this chapter he will teach you the short, yet interesting, history of this very popular art movement. He will go over the main styles and artists behind this underground phenomenon. He will finish off with a demonstration, as he spray paints a mural for his students.

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Follow this link to learn more about the Positive Creation’s Online Workshop