In this special episode of Chris Dyer’s travel video series, he returns to the awesome country of Australia, to discover part of it he hadnt before. Starting with live painting at Rainbow Serpent Music Festival, followed by an art workshop and mural in the artsy city of Melbourne! He then goes to the Byron Bay area to explore all the natural beauty of that area, live paint at Earth Frequency Festival and teach another workshop at Paradise One. The episode is full of beautiful art, people and sights, so we hope you will enjoy it!! * Slip – On timestamp 4:36 and 8:12 you can see ‘Light Wizard’ talking but the title say ‘Light Warrior’, sorry about that. MUSIC CREDITS: 1. Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mine 2. Men at Work – Who Can it Be Now 3. Eccodek – My Primitive Heart 4. Father Funk – TwoGood 5. John Butler Trio – Foundation 6. Vibra Positiva – Zona Ganjah 7. Full Power Riddim – Rebelmadiaq 8. Woo – Robots Dancing 9. Midnight Oil – Best of Both Worlds 10. Shpongle – Nothing is Worth Doing 11. Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover) by Steve n Seagulls 12. Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows 13. Kalya Scintilla – Rises in the East 14. Lemon Jelly – Rolled 15. Kalya Scintilla – Listen with Your Heart 16. Job 2 Do – Doo Doo Doo