The Artventures is a series of travel videos that I’ve been filming as I travel the world doing my art! Its a project I do for fun and drop for free on my YouTube channel. You can follow the links to the specific webisodes here or binge-watch them all. And if you can Subscribe I am extra stoked!

Hungary Artventure

Thailand Artventure

Brazil Artventure

CoSM, New York Artventure 2

Easter Island Artventure

Tarapoto, Peru Artventure

Bali Artventure

Nepal Artventure

Chicago Artventure

Portugal Artventure

Russia Artventure

Norway Artventure

Mexico Artventure

Arizona Artventure

Florida Artventure

Summer Trips USA & Canada Artventure

New York Artventure

Montreal Artventure

Atlantic Ocean Artventure

Belgium Artventure

Costa Rica Artventure

Colorado Artventure

Peru Artventure

CoSM, NY Artventure

San Diego Artventure

Australia Artventure

Italy Artventure